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Well maybe it wasn’t buckets, but Marley and Me was such a sweet movie that I couldn’t help shed a few tears…especially towards the end. I also laughed a lot because some of it was so familiar. Like the part with the drywall eating. We had a dog who did that once!

I took my driver from last week out to lunch today at the furniture store here in Kewanee. No, it wasn’t a picnic. The store has a wonderful restaurant in its lower level. While we waited for a table, we wandered around the shop down there. I saw some cozy looking socks that I might have to go back for some time. I have a great love of wool socks. I’d have more if I ever finished the pair that’s still on my needles.

I took care of grocery shopping after lunch and the movie. It was strange being without a car last week and I feel like I’m finally getting myself reorganized. I’ve felt rather scattered most of this week since I knew the laundry was piling up, the fridge needed to be cleaned out, and my apartment hadn’t been properly cleaned for a couple of weeks.

Tonight I’ve been finishing up laundry and watching Miss America. The main reason I like the pageant is for the dresses the women wear. There is a small part of me that likes all the glitter and glitz.

The other big thing I’m doing is staying warm. It’s in the low single digits at the moment and isn’t supposed to be much warmer tomorrow. I think tomorrow may be a good day for reading and hot tea. I might finish up my hanging towels also. And I plan to make some meals ahead for the week. It’s nice to come home from work and not have to worry about making a complete meal from scratch. My Aerogarden has enough lettuce now so that I can start having some fresh salads. Yum!


I had this song running through my head today. The best way to get rid of an earworm is to share it with someone else. DH has already been subjected. But it’s so cute, I had to share with my LR’s. (loyal readers

It’s been a beautiful day here. The temperatures are quite pleasant and I ended up ditching my coat while we were running errands because the stores were warm. DH and I had a nice lunch at Chipolte this afternoon. I needed to go to Joann’s to pick up some buttons for the hanging towels I’ve been knitting. The Walmart in Kewanee has the tiniest craft section I’ve ever seen and there isn’t much of a selection of anything. Not complaining, it’s just how it is. DH found some cute dinosaur pop-up books in the $1.00 bin that we’ll send along to our nephew.

DH has our PC set up in BigUtown, so I’ll be uploading some of the pictures from this into my Flickr account. You can click on the sidebar to the right to see what I get up there. I’ll likely do a bit each time I’m visiting. Most of the pics will be things from Alaska that we’ve not a chance to transfer over to the laptop or onto CD’s. Here are a few of them:


The IL trip was successful although it looked a bit doomed on Saturday. I looked at house that afternoon that was a dump and all the apartments I called about were already rented. Yes, things were getting desperate. While I sat at Pizza Hut enjoying some cheese encrusted pasta, I did some more calling while looking through the sparse rentals listed in the local paper. There was a studio available, but the owner couldn’t show it that afternoon as she had plans. We made arrangements for Sunday afternoon and I crossed my fingers. Showed up on Sunday, the place is clean and decent, and I’ve got a place to live. Yay! (Of course, in my excitement, I forgot to get pictures or video. You’ll just have to wait until I get moved in.)

Bonus things: Spending time with my in-laws, seeing my first snow flurries of the year, watching a big pink pig being pulled on a trailer down I-80, and finding another Christmas present at a shop in IL.

I got back to LittleUtown last night around 11 pm. Yes, I’m tired. It occurred to me that I don’t really like long car trips. Fortunately, it looks like most of my trips back to KS will be by Amtrak. It’s actually a bit faster, about the same cost as driving, and I can move around on a train. Works for me!

The only downside of the weekend travel is it cuts into the little time I have to spend with DH and the dogs. So, we’ve adjusted the moving plans a bit and I should be able to spend Thanksgiving with him at home. (Turns out he can’t help with the moving in because he has to stay in KS for a parade that Friday.) And I’m heading back to BigUtown tomorrow night to hang out and do some laundry.

You want to know more about the apartment? It’s a studio/efficiency, but is really divided up well so that the sleeping space is private and separate from the main living space. It has a good sized closet in the sleeping area AND a coat closet, so I’ll actually have a bit of storage space. There is a large counter in the bathroom and adequate counter space in the galley kitchen. The living room area has a large window that looks out at a cornfield across the road (so I’ll feel like I’m in my childhood home.) Walmart is about seven blocks away. The hospital is about two blocks away. And it’s on the south side of town, so I don’t have to drive through town to get to work. The college campus is actually a few miles outside of Kewanee. No chance that I can walk or even bike to work.

Now I have to start packing. It’s starting to feel like all I’ve done this year is move from one place to another. Wait! That’s because I have. *laugh* Fortunately, I don’t really have much stuff in my current place and that’s about all I’m moving.

Did I mention I’m tired?

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DH had a parade out of town today, so I’m on my own until the evening when he returns. Except for the dogs.

Last weekend the birds went to live with a woman who already owns a couple of zebra finches. This morning, I dropped the gerbil off at his new home. I didn’t get tired of having any of the zoo, but with a move coming up and all the other upheaval we’re facing in the next two years… You get the idea. None of the dogs are going anywhere, though. For the next year, the three beasts will continue to live in KS with DH. Before he leaves, we’ll either find a house to rent in IL or buy again. For now, I’m just going to rent an apt. Somehow we continue to make all this work. Thankfully. And the birds and gerbil are with people who will enjoy them and take good care of them.

Spent a couple of hours in Aggieville this morning. Had some coffee and a mango/coconut scone at one of the coffee houses there. Then I spent time browsing in my favorite gift shop and in the used book store. I love the off-beat and funny things they have at the gift place. I didn’t buy anything today, but I was tempted by a couple of things – a wire wrapped ring and a necklace with a beautiful pendant that opened up to a watch. (The necklace would make a nice Christmas gift. I liked the green one best.) One of the reasons I like the used book store is because they carry a wide variety of unusual postcards. I recently joined a post card exchange site, Postcrossing, and needed to pick up a couple for my first two people I’m sending to. I enjoy getting postcards and have participated in some swaps before. This is a bit different since I could get postcards from all over. And I like sending postcards too. It’s fun to see what interesting types of cards I can find.

I bought my first Christmas present today. It’s a fishing puzzle and game. It has magnets on the fish pieces and comes with a fishing pole. This will be for our nephew. Hopefully he’ll enjoy playing with it. We don’t buy present for many people, just family. But I enjoy shopping for gifts nevertheless. I’m trying to decide if I should get gifts for my new employees and if so, what to get them. I was thinking about gas giftcards maybe. Even a $10 card helps a bit.

The rest of the afternoon I plan to do some napping, movie watching, and knitting. It’s a cold, blustery day here. There is even some talk of possible snow, but I’m not sure that will happen.

I go this picture of Ginger tonight after I got home and let the dogs out. She looks like she smell something good in the breeze. (DH was in BigUtown marching in the homecoming parade.)

Had some technical glitches during the presentation today, but it still seemed to be well received. More to the point, it’s over. Now it’s time to turn my attention to the one in two weeks.

Charley’s vet visit this morning went okay. Turns out he has an infection in his ears (which I suspected.) We’ve got some goopy drops to put in them for a week or so. That makes two dogs in this house needing special care. (Maddie has antibiotics and pain medication for her leg. And we have to change the bandages each day. She’s got 7 staples in her leg, poor little thing.) It’s a bit like a animal infirmary around here.

The internet, phone, and cable are back.

Before heading back home today I stopped and picked up a cross-stitch kit I saw a few weeks ago when we were in HugeUtown. It’s a turkey and includes a pillow that the cross-stitch fabric gets inserted into. (That sentence was awful! But it’s late and I’m tired.) I started working on it tonight. Of course, I still have my knitting projects to finish. It’s that startitis setting in again!

No set-in-stone plans for the weekend. Tomorrow is homecoming at LittleU, but I’m not sure that we’ll go down for the game. We’ll just play it be ear. I can handle that.

It’s amazing how a cute outfit can make you feel good. I recently got a dark brown pencil skirt from Avenue. (Let me just say that I love Avenue. At least the online store.) Add a denim swing jacket with a floral tank underneath and my purple suede wedges and I feel stylish and sassy. The only bad thing is the pachyderm ankles due to hose. While most women have eliminated pantyhose out of their wardrobe, with my scarred up, dry skin legs, I really need to wear something when I’m wearing a skirt or dress. As the temps cool more, I’ll switch over to tights.

And the weather is cooling some here this week. The temperature on the computer says 61 degrees. I’m able to sleep with my window open a small bit which makes for better sleep for me. Don’t know why it is, but fresh air seems to help. My landlord came in sometime last week to turn the heat on, but it’s not running much because it’s really not that cold outside yet. We might get some rain tomorrow. I like rainy fall days. Perfect for sweaters, hot tea, and soup. And of course, knitting.

On the knitting front, I seem to have many WIP’s and not much FO’s floating around. I’m almost done with my second pair of socks. I’m almost done with my string market bag. I’m almost done with my pumpkin. I’m almost done with my vest. One of my 101 things was to finish a knitting project each month. Since I knit fast (when I’ve got uninterrupted time) this isn’t usually a problem and I’ve been doing well with this goal. But I got a bad case of startitis recently. Now I’ve just got to get the finishitis bug and get some things off the needles.

I finished reading The Historian this weekend. It was a really good book and held my interest. In fact, I was almost late to work Saturday because I was trying to finish the last couple of chapters as I ate my breakfast. A very different take on Dracula’s story. Less about Dracula and more about how the fascination in the vampire affected the lives of the characters. Throw in a mystery and a couple of doomed love stories and you get a fascinating read.

I recently got a $50 gift card for completing an online health survey for my work insurance. It was a pretty simple survey and there were some good suggestions for health improvements at the end of it. And a $50 gift card, did I mention? I got to choose the store. Of course I went with a bookstore, Barnes and Noble. Today I picked out my goodies and am pleased with my haul. I pre-ordered Stephen King’s new collection of short stories. Looking forward to that. I’m also getting a new box calendar for my desk at work. Knitting related of course. Someone reminded me of the knitting cartoon book. And there had to be some music in the order as well. It’s like Christmas in October.

On the job search front, I’ve got a phone interview next week for another possibility. The job is here in KS though. But I’d like to talk to them to find out more and see if it would be a good fit. In many ways I’m still torn about looking for a job. There are many reasons for leaving, but a few good reasons for staying put. If anything, it’s making me fairly cautious about what I’m looking at and where. I won’t be rushing into a new situation without careful thought and thorough research. In the meantime, I do have some interesting projects I’m working on. (Which is part of the reason I’m reluctant to leave. If I could basically be left to do my work, I’d be happy as a clam.) Something that just came up is doing SWARM International tours again for spring semester. I really enjoyed working on this before the fall semester started and now that I know how it worked, I’m ready to tackle it again. And I’m confident that I’ll be able to easily meet my tenure requirements as there have been some very positive developments on that front. It was a struggle, but I think we’re in a better place with how the process should work and how to interpret the requirements for librarians. Still…

I couldn’t wait to start assembling the Halloween goody bags for the student workers. It’s just too much fun. I’ve found little Halloween decorated cans of pop, Halloween stickers, tattoos, play-doh, pencils, and mini flashlights. All I need now is some candy and the bags will be ready to go. I’ve got to get candy to hand out at home this year. It’s the first time in years that I’ll be home to hand out candy. I enjoy seeing the costumes and hearing “trick or treat”. Since I’ve got Halloween on the brain, I’ll leave you with a Halloweenie picture:

The conference is now over. My roommate and I are heading downtown this evening to visit one of the best used bookstores in the USA. (Or so I’m told.)

And I’m tired. It was a great conference and I’ve got tons of ideas banging around in my head. Looking forward to getting back and sorting out all the info.

Discovered today that Coors is now shipping Alaskan beer (from Juneau) as far south as Colorado. This was good news to DH who will be getting a six-pack when I return tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the airline doesn’t handle my luggage too badly and everything makes it back in one piece. If not, I’ll have very fragrant clothing.

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