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Almost over

Posted on: July 27, 2008

I’ve got that vacation-is-almost-over depression setting in. A bit worse than the usual Sunday depression since I’ve had a wonderful week at home with DH and the dogs (and other house guests as well.)

The next several days are going to be very busy. I still have to finish preparing for my presentation at the end of the week. And then I’ll be home with enough time to do some laundry and pack for the trip to Denver.

I’m looking forward to the workshop at the end of the week, although I’d gladly do without making a presentation. Fortunately it’s just a 1/2 hour workshop format, so not as painful. Reference Renaissance promises to be interesting and informative. I hope to bring back some good information to share with work colleagues.

Also on the to-do list for the week is planning the training session for the university’s ambassadors (the students who provide tours to prospective tours.) I hope to finish the planning for SWARM International and start rounding up volunteers.

What else? I’ve got a program proposal to write for an upcoming conference. There is a program that I’d like to see us try with incoming freshman and I need to get the proposal/plan written for that.

I’ve also got a few follow-up things to do for the Summer Institute before I can officially declare my job done with that.

Then there is the usual job stuff, like gift books, reference collection weeding, desk hours, etc. And I’m the person in charge of the department for the next few days since our head is still on vacation. Whee.

It’s likely I won’t get much sleep tonight (which is typical for Sundays) as my mind spins through all the things I need to do this week.

I do think I was pretty successful about shutting that stuff off in general this past week. For me, that’s a huge accomplishment. It bodes well for the upcoming meditation retreat.

Yes, this is my life.

DH and I celebrated our anniversary early (since I’ll be workshopping on the actual day.) We went to see the X-Files this afternoon and then had dinner at Famous Dave’s. DH gave me a pretty pair of earrings that I’d seen in a shop window a few weeks back. So far, I’ve not got his present. Although I did have an inspiration today. Fortunately I’ll be in the neighborhood later this week where I plan to get his gift.

And KS is hot. HOT! And humid. I’m all done with summer now. kthxbai

Now that life has slowed down a bit thanks to vacation, I’ve got a bit of time to reflect on some of the simpler pleasures in my life. There are actually quite a few, but I often forget to really be thankful and appreciate the little things.

*Sleeping dogs. Today I was reading a bit before taking an afternoon nap. Maddie and Charley were up on the bed with me. I put my book down just to watch them sleep. Dogs do some funny things when they sleep, like poofing out their flews (I swear it’s a real word!) and twitching paws. Not to mention snoring. DH gets poked for snoring, but the dogs can snore as much as they want.

*Community band concerts. I went to the concert in LittleUtown last week with a friend. There is something so comforting and American about standing to salute the flag and hear the National Anthem. The evening ended up being comfortable with a gentle cooling breeze. At the concerts they have a children’s march and it was fun to watch all the kids wind around the audience waving flags.

*Having a hamburger with DH. Nothing special really. Not even the best burger in the world (although Dairy Queen does make a good burger.) Just having something to eat and hanging out with one of my favorite people.

*Knitting. There is something deeply satisfying about creating something. I like feeling the yarn and the needles and following the pattern. And I enjoy seeing my hands make something that I can share with someone else.

*Cherries. I love cherries and they are in season right now. Not the cheapest fruit available, but I try to buy a small bag every week because they won’t be around forever. That flavor in my mouth is so sweet! Maybe I enjoy it even more because I can’t have them every day of the year.

There are so many other things. What is that quote? “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take…but by the moments that take our breath away…..” It’s true. And so often those moments that take our breath away aren’t big things. They may be simple little things. Sure, it’s corny. It doesn’t make it any less true.

What is one of your simple pleasures?

Vacation has begun…almost. DH isn’t officially on leave until Monday. And we were up and out of the house at 8:30 this morning. If you know me at all, you will realize what a big thing this is. I’m not a morning person and if I can sleep in, I usually do.

There is a great breakfast/lunch restaurant in BigUtown. That’s all they serve and they are not open in the evenings. I’ve been wanting to go back (and it’s probably been at least a year since we last ate there) so we headed there first thing this morning. Omelet for me and chicken fried steak for DH. Seems to be his meal of choice at most places right now. And we got caught up a bit more on the past week. That’s the thing about living apart during the work week – I often forget things I want to tell him by the time we talk in the evening. Stuff like seeing a hand-letter sign (likely a child from the writing) in a yard that said “Don’t be a litterbug”.

After breakfast, we had some errands to run. Stuff like getting our nephew a birthday present. I really hope he likes it. Not being parents and generally not being around children, it’s hard to figure out what a two-year-old might like. Hopefully we did okay with the Fisher Price garage. DH helped decide on that one over the farm, even though the farm had a Farmer Jed. Not the Fisher Price of my childhood; better and cooler!

We hit one of the farmers’ markets in town. Yes, there are two. The downtown one is probably the better one, but we had some other things to do near the other one. Got to see an interesting exchange between a snotty seller and an irate customer. Seemed that the customer lady wanted some corn, but they were close to being out when she got there (the market opened at 8 and this was around 10:30). There was more on the way, but that just didn’t seem to suit her. While there could be more to the story, my thought was that with a farmers’ market, you get there early if you want the best choice. Maybe I should have had a tantrum because someone else got the last container of green beans. Seeing stuff like that makes me ashamed of the times I don’t behave like an adult and makes me promise myself not to be corn-women ever again.

Once we got home, the whole house had a nice afternoon nap. It’s ridiculously hot and humid today and that’s really about all you can do on a summer afternoon like this. Boring people that we are, there is nothing big planned for the evening.

Guess what I plan to do tomorrow…clean the house! Yes, I vacation in exciting and exotic ways, with toilet bowl cleaner and lemon scented Pledge. That’s just how I roll. *grin*

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