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Posted on: March 4, 2009


Posted on: March 3, 2009

I was looking at my cable remote last night. Guess what! I have DVR. Yes. I’ve had this for 3 months and just discovered it. Oops. Maybe I will keep my cable for a bit longer. Until my rate goes up…unless I can negotiate to keep the same rate. I have been enjoying some of the free movies offered through On Demand. Last night I watched West Side Story (which I do own, but it’s in KS) while finishing the sleeves on the baby sweater.

The baby sweater will be going to a woman at the college who recently gave birth to a baby girl. I just have to decide on how to finish up the neck area and what type of closure to use. It’s been a pleasant project to work on and I might go digging in my stash to see if I have some cotton yarn to make up another little sweater.

I made up a couple of breakfast things last night. This morning I got up early to pop a scrambled egg bake in the oven. I taught for almost 4 hours straight this morning and knew that I would need some good fuel to keep me alert. This was just right. The recipe is from WW. I also make another WW recipe – blueberry rice pudding. I might start the morning tomorrow with that. It will be a another early and busy morning for me. I’ve decided that I need to do a bit more daily planning for my meals so I don’t get way off track. I’ll be heading home between work and class tonight to make burritos.


  • This is such an exciting concept. The musicians have been chosen and will travel to New York City in April to perform a concert. What a cool way to gather outstanding musicians together.
    (tags: art web_2.0 music)
  • I'm still a bit intimidated by anything with yeast, but if I keeps seeing tempting recipes like this one, I might just be inspired to get over my fear.
    (tags: food)
  • This is a simple salad using carrots, one of my favorite root veggies.
    (tags: food)
  • I like tasty, easy breakfast bars. These actually could work anytime you get the munchies. Packed full of stuff that's good for you.
    (tags: food)
  • If I ever had a garden/outdoor party these would be beautiful. I can see this being lovely for a summer wedding or for decorating a little girl's room. Apartment Therapy always has such wonderful ideas.
  • Personally I'm sick to death of this "transparency" demand on the government. I don't think everything needs to be communicated to the American public. Sure, some things should, but this is quickly spiraling out of control.
    (tags: news politics)
  • So, she could have had full-time help with her 14 children, but she turned it down so she could whore out her family for a reality tv deal. Interesting. And yes, I do mean the rather harsh term. I don't understand anyone who wants to make their daily life into a reality television show.
    (tags: news)
  • Being mindful is really quite simple. This is something that I've been trying to practice in my daily life. Mindfulness. Hmmm…
    (tags: advice)
  • I've always really liked hummus. It's hard to find good hummus in the middle of farmland IL. So, I'm going to learn to make my own…maybe with this recipe to start.
    (tags: food)
  • Interesting take on using Facebook…or not.
    (tags: web_2.0)
  • Another vegetarian cooking blog I've just discovered has this great recipe. I'm all for the quick and easy. Also, I can substitute egg noodles for no-yolks noodles to make it even healthier for me.
    (tags: food)
  • I'm eating more beans since changing my food lifestyle. And now that I'm doing Weight Watchers, I'm also more conscious of the amount of fat in my food. This is a great recipe (subbing low fat or fat-free cheese instead of regular) for a tasty and simple dish. I've also started developing a taste for guacamole.
    (tags: food)
  • I have always loved buying this salad in the store, but it does use bacon. This recipe still calls for the bacon, but I can easily substitute that with a vegetarian friendly option. The taste isn't really about the bacon anyway. It's all about the dressing.
    (tags: food)
  • French dip for vegetarians. I don't really miss eating meat, but there were a few favorites that I miss because of certain flavors. French dip was one of these. Now I can be animal friendly and still have the taste.
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Posted on: March 2, 2009

I’m now in the midst of budget writing season. Good thing I had a weekend out. There is the potential of some late working days in my future.



And, I GAINED 0.6 lbs. this week. Yuck! But I didn’t do any exercising last week since I felt so lousy most days and had all I could manage with working. Pffft.


Now I’m more motivated and took a few minutes today to some meal planning and write out my grocery list. I didn’t do my shopping this weekend as I was off whooping it up, so I’m hitting the store tonight. I’ll likely also pick up a few produce goodies at Hyvee in Moline when I go to Stitch and Bitch this week.


Crazy looks like me some days.

Queen Big Lips

Queen Big Lips

“If you’re crazy, there’s two things you can do to make yourself feel better: One is to get yourself cured. The other is to make everyone you have to deal with crazy.” — Alan Dean Foster

I was having a conversation with some lovely women this weekend about mental illness. I’ve already talked before on the blog about mine, so I won’t get into that again.

But there are days when I feel like I’m barely hanging onto sanity. Not that I’m ever likely to go into some fun sort of craziness where I see things crawling on the walls or start talking to people who aren’t there. Nope, my crazy shows up in different ways. Like not wanting to get out of bed or not being able to deal with crowds. BTW, telling me to “cheer up”

Every day for me involves evaluating my mental state. Sounds exhausting? At first it was, but now it’s become habit. Why do I do this? To make sure that I’m coping well and not sliding into some sort of funk that will affect how I want to live my life. So far, just being aware and making minor adjustments as I need to has helped me maintain fairly well without any medication adjustments.

To answer the question, when will I stop taking medication? Most likely never. At least not any time soon. Our bodies chemistry changes throughout our lives and I do hope that one day mine will change to the extent that I won’t need the daily pill that keeps me stable. Hasn’t happened yet. That fact doesn’t depress me or frustrate me. It is what it is.

Despite all the mental/chemical/physiological stuff, I’ve reached a point where I’m fairly content and happy. Sure, there are things that could be better, different, easier, etc. Why worry about what I can’t change…or can’t change immediately? It is what it is.

So, yes. I’m a crazy person. I’ve embraced my personal craziness and am living my life just as I am. I am what I am.


In some ways this just might be true.

I had a great weekend. I haven’t enjoyed myself that much for that length of time in quite some time. (Not including the times I’m with DH and the dogs, because that time is truly special and wonderful.) It was great to spend time knitting, learning, laughing, and chatting with new friends.

What I learned:
*How to use a drop spindle. This is going to take loads more practice before I achieve an even strand of fiber, but it’s really quite relaxing.

Drop spindle and roving

Drop spindle and roving

*Magic loop. Double point needles are a thing of the past…almost. There are a few other things I have to learn about magic loop before I can ditch the dpn’s in my sock knitting. But I’m using ml to knit the sleeves on my baby sweater and it’s so easy!
*Top-down sweater knitting. I feel pretty confidant and look forward to starting a top down sweater soon as I can afford the yarn for it. We got a pattern in the class and I’d like to make my first in a cotton yarn with 3/4 sleeves so I can wear it into the early summer. Unless I don’t start knitting until summer and then it still may be in cotton, just with long sleeves so I can wear it in the fall.
Top-down baby sweater

Top-down baby sweater

*Knit 1 below. The purple and white scarf that I worked on this weekend taught me a great technique for vertical stripes without having to carry the yarn.
Knit-one-below scarf

Knit-one-below scarf

*A new make 1 increase. I actually kind of knew how to do the pickup between stitches type increase, but I wasn’t twisting my stitch properly. Now I am and I won’t have to use bar increases all the time.
*A new way to cast on a stitch when I’ve already got live stitches on the needle. It just looks tighter and neater. My knitting improved in many ways this weekend and I’m really excited about that.

I won a couple of door prizes during the weekend. One was a bag with a mug, Lindt truffles, and a project bag in it. The project bag is generously sized and already has the yarn and supplies for a new shawl in it.

Project bag

Project bag

Of course, I did a bit of shopping as well.

Project bag

Project bag





Yarn bowl

Yarn bowl

I’m at Sheep in the City this weekend. It’s a good weekend for any sort of fiber related activity up here in Wisconsin since it’s cold and snowy outside. I’ll have to venture out at some point to get some lunch, but most of today (Saturday) will be spent indoors learning some new things.

Like SPINNING!!! Yes! I bought a drop spindle and some roving. A very nice woman at the booth where I’ve also dropped a few dollars got me started. It’s not nearly as difficult as I thought and I’ve been spinning away for an hour or so now. Just as relaxing as knitting and as portable with the drop spindle.

I’m also working on a knitted garden gnome. You read that right. It’s another Amy Gaines pattern. In January, I bought three more of her patterns and am just starting work on them. After I finish this one, I plan to move on to a knitted bird and birdhouse…perfect for spring.

I’ve taken a few pictures, but photographing yarn is proving somewhat difficult for me. I’m not happy with how the colors are turning out. It’s good practice though in an area that I’ve never been as comfortable taking pictures.

Time to head back to the action. I think Guild Wars will be starting soon. Two fiber guilds are competing to see how can knit a scarf the fastest…from start to finish. Including carding the wool, spinning it into yarn, and the actual knitting of said wool. Exciting stuff!!! (I really mean that.)

Then my first class (well, it’s a make and take but I will be learning a new technique) starts in an hour. I’ll have a break for lunch. Then the sweater class is this afternoon. The rest of the day will be filled with general hijinks. Maybe I’ll break out the bathing suit and scare some people in the hot tub. *snort*

And for those who wonder, travel was fine yesterday. Some snow flurries developed as I got closer to Rockford and those continued throughout the rest of my trip. Traffic was fine. The interstates in IL left some to be desired. Wonder what Blagojevich was doing with all the money designated for highway repairs. Well, maybe I don’t really wonder. But there are some potholes you could lose yourself in.

And on the food front, I took advantage of the continental breakfast the hotel (Comfort Suites, btw) offered and had a decent, healthy, and filling start to my day. I think I could use another cup of coffee now. Or maybe a bottle of water.

  • Good list of sites. There are a few I'd never heard of, but that's not surprising since I've got other things on my mind these days. I've never claimed to be a social media expert.
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I’ve been using the college’s small fitness center to exercise. It’s really rather underwhelming, but has the advantage of being free. However, I’m starting to realize that I need access to a bit more than is offered.
Kewanee has a YMCA and I’m strongly considering becoming a member. Once upon a time I did water aerobics and really enjoyed it. They offer aquacize there (among other things) and I’d like to start taking classes again. There is also a dance-type aerobics class that I think I would enjoy and is offered in the very early evening.

Now that I’m figuring out the food thing, it’s time to start sweating. The benefit of aquatics exercise is it’s much easier on the joints but also offers resistance. I think I’ve got a bathing suit in IL. It’s not a pretty sight, me in a bathing suit, but I’ll suffer the humiliation for a good cause.

I was looking at the weight range for my height. It’s between 120 and 140 lbs. I’d be happy to be 140 – still have some curves and a weight I can imagine maintaining. The slimmest I’ve been as an adult was 160 lbs. and I remember feeling fat. It’s amazing how bad I allowed other people to make me feel. At that weight, my stomach was flat, I had shapely legs, and I felt good. I like at pictures of myself from that time and I really looked healthy. It’s frustrating to know that I felt huge and defeated about my physical appearance.

As you can tell, I’ve got some self-image baggage that I’ll be losing along with actual pounds. In a way, that stuff is more dangerous to my overall health than cellulite. It’s an interesting journey that I’ve started. Hope I don’t get tired and collapse by the roadside along the way.


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