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Defy me!

Posted on: December 17, 2008

News sources are claiming that Blagojevich is being “defiant” by refusing to resign as governor.

Personally, I think the guy is being an idiot. He’s a selfish, immature, lying, poor excuse for a governor and a human being. And his actions are continuing to hurt Illinois.

He’s losing money for the state…and Illinois is not a state that can afford to lose any money right now. Schools are facing huge budget cuts, state parks and historic sites have been closed, and we can’t even keep our roads cleaned properly because of money troubles.

He’s making his party look bad. I wonder if a Democrat has a chance to be elected as governer when the next election rolls around in 2010. Not that I want one to be elected, but even if the Democratic candidate is the best person for the job, it may be an uphill battle after four years of bad policies and a federal indictment with the current governor.

He’s bringing bad press to the state. While I don’t think anyone would complain about national attention most of the time, this is not the sort of thing that most Illinoians want to be recognized for. Particularly after former governor Ryan landing in jail. For the moment, Illinois is a joke for SNL writers, pundits, and anyone else who finds the current situation humorous.

It’s time for Blagojevich to step down. His state has lost faith in him and there is little that he can do at this point to fix the situation other than to graciously leave. The citizens of IL deserve an honest person in office. Don’t know that we’ll get one, but it’s certainly time for someone with some integrity to live in the governor’s mansion in Springfield. Actually it’s just time for someone to live in the governor’s mansion, period.

A friend at work asked me to go for coffee this afternoon. We ended up hanging out at the coffee shop for a couple of hours and then decided to go have pizza for dinner. Yes! I played hooky this afternoon and it felt great. It occurred to me that this isn’t a bad thing to do if you only indulge occasionally. Really, it was great to sit and talk about different things that are going on in our lives and generally catch up. I will really miss hanging out with her…and we didn’t do this nearly often enough. Guess I’ll just be coming back to visit sometimes. She really has been a true friend and I’m going to miss that. It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt that cared for from anyone outside of my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a friendship that has felt this equal…with giving and receiving.

As I walk around the library and talk to students who I see frequently, I’m starting to feel a more sad about leaving. Don’t misunderstand…I have no intention of changing my mind and never did once I accepted the offer. But there are students who I’ve gotten to know a bit and will miss. There are a few who seek me out specifically when they need help. It’s a good feeling.

I’ve started packing up my office and it’s already starting to feel and look like an impersonal cubicle. It’s amazing how much stuff has migrated here over the past 15 months. Good thing I’m starting the process now. My office might take me longer than my apartment!


Thank you!

I wasn’t sure that I’d see this in my lifetime. America has elected a black president. While I didn’t vote for Obama because I disagree fundamentally with many of his positions on everything from the Supreme Court to tax cuts, I still can appreciate the fact this is a historic time.

As for me, I’m disappointed with my party and will join others like me in helping to rebuild it. In a few days. Right now, I need a break.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the silence. No more campaign calls and no more political commercials. It’s time for Thanksgiving carols and baking. Maybe even some cooler weather…and snow? Please?

Btw, I’ve always been proud to be an American. This is a country full of good, honest, decent, hard-working people. I’m proud to work and live alongside them. I don’t understand people who can’t see that and aren’t proud of that.

That is all.

This turned out to be one of those weekends that was all about sleeping in, enjoying a few treats, and generally hanging out together. Life gets so busy around here at times that we don’t often get time like this. It was nice to wake up each morning and say “What do you want to do today?” No places we had to be, no schedule we had to follow. Just time to be.

Meditation has helped me slow life down a bit, but I guess I’ve been a bit more caught up in other things the past month. Things that really just aren’t as important when I stop and take stock of my life. While I enjoy my work and generally find it fulfilling, the people (and dogs) in my life are what matter most. The connections to those I care about and who care about me count more in the end than how many presentations I do, articles I write, committees I serve on, etc. All that will pass away eventually. The memories that I cherish the most always have to do with the people I love.

Sometimes I lose sight of that. But I was reminded again this weekend where my main priorities are. These times with DH are precious because of the separations. Maybe I’m lucky in some ways because I realize this and the distance helps me keep a better perspective. Whatever it is, this was a weekend full of moments that will give me warmth.


Aha! moment

Posted on: October 18, 2008

I figured out what might be making me feel like crud this week. The hygienist gave me all sorts of dos and don’ts when I was at the dentist. One of the don’t things was drinking pop. So, I’ve cut it out. Cold turkey.

I’m probably going through caffeine and sugar withdrawal. Woo boy! It’s a fun ride let me tell you.

But, I’d rather have all my teeth for a few more years.

Just one more reason to hate going to the dentist. They manage to take away all the good things in life. *grin*

*warning=video does contain bad words (but it’s really funny!)

I’ll won’t go all sloppy on you. At least not entirely. But I will share some positives that I’m going to focus on instead all the junk I unloaded earlier.

*I do get to sit on a panel talking with future librarians tomorrow. Despite some things in the environment, I still like the work I actually do. (When I stay focused on that, things aren’t bad at all.) And it was nice to be asked to do something like this. I also had an email from a former classmate who is considering going into library science. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy talking about it with others.

*The weather is starting to feel like fall finally. It was fantastic to be able to enjoy all the colors starting to pop out as I was driving back yesterday. And I’m pulling out sweaters and long sleeve shirts finally. There’s nothing better, imo, than cozy, warm clothing. Except hot chocolate…wood fires…chilly moonlit nights…football games…Halloween… You get the idea. All great autumn related things.

*My first book review should have been published by now. I keep forgetting to go look in our newspapers for it. Whoops! There is another opportunity that I’m exploring involving writing reviews for historical fiction books. (It would entail free books. What a terrible thing. *laugh*)

*Next weekend is Homecoming at LittleU. Homecomings are so much fun. And it means football and the homecoming musical. Going to see if DH would be interested in hanging out in LittleUtown this week.

*Every time I go home, I’m reminded of how much I’m loved. Three dogs and DH certainly cheer me up. Thinking about the next time I’ll be there keeps me going through the weeks. Our house outside of BigUtown is a haven.

*I found a delicious hot chocolate I’d not heard of at the local grocery store. It’s a nice treat on these cooler evening. Rich and creamy! Except for coffee I don’t drink too many hot drinks during the warmer months. But in the fall and winter, I like hot tea, cider, and hot cocoa. Starbuck’s has a tasty caramel apple cider beverage that I just discovered today that I’m sure I’ll get again.

*Although I don’t have lots of time during the week, I am carving out time to cook. I discovered a couple of years ago that I really enjoy trying out new recipes and making old favorites. Now it’s even more interesting as I find good vegetarian recipes that DH might like as well. (I also enjoy cooking for him.) I’ve even figured out a way to still have tasty sandwiches for lunch without fake lunchmeat.

*It’s been wonderful to keep the tv off some nights. I’m using my imagination more and rediscovering a deeper love of words. I’ll probably soon start exploring our CD collection at the library for some new music. It’s nice to reacquaint yourself with things you once really enjoyed. Didn’t realize how much of a brain suck tv can be.

*Halloween is coming up. I’ll be working on the goodie bags next week for our students. Trying to decide if I want to do something for the staff and faculty here at the library. I’d like to, but I’m not sure what exactly. Maybe I’ll just bake some treats and bring them in that day. Still need to get the tulle for my ghost costume. That can wait until next weekend. It’s an easy-to-make costume and shouldn’t take much time to assemble.

There are many more good things. Just a sample. (And I feel better!)


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