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There is a new tool out there called Animoto where you can upload pictures (or get them from Flickr, Facebook, etc.) and turn them into short videos. Add your own music or use something from their library, press and couple of buttons, and you have a nice little video slideshow.
It’s free for short videos and you can buy credits for longer ones. Here’s what I came up with in 5 minutes.

I took my time driving back to IL today. Mostly because I sat and ate lunch and supper while reading a book and because I got off the main road to take some more pictures along the way.

I really thought there would be more snow on the ground in Iowa, but maybe the sun the past two days helped melt some of it. There were still a couple of cars left in the ditch from the storm.

Oh snap!

Posted on: February 15, 2009

Charley and I went driving today so I could get some pitchers pictures for my photography assignment. He was incredibly well-behaved and held still when I asked him to so that my arm wasn’t jiggled by the leash. It’s great because I like the companionship even if we don’t talk much. Here are a few of the pictures I got today.

Valentine’s Day was very nice. DH got home in the late afternoon and had a present for me. It was very unexpected! We went to IHOP for dinner. While it’s not a romantic location, we both like the food and it’s generally quiet enough that we can have a conversation. Which we did…about politics, dogs, and other stuff. Since I only get to spend about a weekend a month with him, that’s more important that some fancy schmancy dinner.

DH has been gone since 7 am today and won’t be home for another 2 hours, at least. The dogs and I slept in and napped most of the morning. You’ve seen the results of my afternoon. Tonight I plan to watch the beginning of the new season of The Amazing Race. It’s interesting to see the places they travel. I think I’ll work some more on my neck warmer. Looks like I might need it this week with the temperatures dropping again.

Tomorrow morning DH is bringing his car in for some work and I plan to follow him to town. We’ll have some breakfast and this great restaurant before I get on the road. I hope to have some time along the way to do get some more pictures…especially if there is still loads of snow left in Iowa.

Then it’s back to work and the usual stuff. I’ll be in and out of town again this week for meetings and training stuff. Yes, I’ll be glad when all this traveling back and forth to the Quad Cities is over. But I’m learning a lot about the college, which is extremely helpful. There is also an academic librarians meeting this week that I’m planning to attend up at our campus in Moline. So far all the librarians I’ve met here in IL and nearby IA have been extremely welcoming and helpful.

Now I’m trying to decide when I can travel over to eastern IL to visit my parents. I’m hoping for the first or second weekend in March. That sounds like it should be far in the future, but this year is moving along so quickly. Wow!

Full Moon

I got out today to work on my photography class assignment. There is a state park just outside town that I’ve wanted to check out. There is a lake there and a campground. One of the most interesting features is a big red round barn. It was fun to walk around, even though it was still a bit chilly. On the way back to town, I thought I’d drive down a couple of back roads. I ended up getting stuck in a ditch when I was pulling over to get a few more pictures. Fortunately, a very nice couple came along in a truck and pulled me out. Since I wasn’t exactly sure where I was, it would have been interesting trying to explain to a tow truck driver where to find me. Had to laugh about it once I was back on the road again.

Here are a few of the pictures I got today. My camera has a bunch of features I didn’t know about (helps to read the manual) so I’m really just learning how to use it.


I got the 2nd Mason Dixon Knitting book from my Library Thing Secret Santa. It’s chock-full of great patterns, one of which is this fab mitered hanging towel. I needed something fairly simple and quick to knit this week after almost finishing the snowman and finishing the scarf.

Here’s the scarf. I still need to block it which will help really show off the lace pattern.



It snowed like crazy yesterday and overnight. The result was icy, unsafe roads this morning with some drifting going on.

So, the campus decided to close this morning at 10 am. I did get to meet some people in the short time we were open. On the way back home I stopped at Walmart for a few grocery items I forgot when I did the big shopping trip over the weekend. When I got back to my apartment, the parking lot was cleared.

Now I’m sitting in my living room enjoying the view out my window. The apartment building is on the south edge of town and across the street is miles of horizon. Can’t beat the view! Think I’ll brew up some hot tea and get cozy with a good book this afternoon.

Here are a few pictures that I took this morning before cleaning off the car and heading to work.

This is the outside of my apartment, my little red car covered in white, and a barn across the street from where I live. Very wintry scene!

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My dad was down this weekend to help pack up the apartment in LittleU. Everything is out except for a few things in the fridge, plants, violin, and another couple of things that I can’t picture at the moment. I’ll be meeting him on Friday afternoon in Kewanee for the grand unload into the new place.

People keep asking if I’m excited. Truly at the moment all I feel is tired. It’d been nice if I could have just stopped life for a few days while I readjusted. Seems like change wears me out more the older I get. That said, I know I will be excited once it’s closer. And I’ve already made pages of notes about stuff for when I do get to the new job.

That’s about all you’re going to hear about the new job until February. I’ve decided that for the first two months (at a minimum) I’ll be observing things and doing my best not to make any permanent impressions until I really get a chance to see how things are. Meaning I won’t be blogging about it or talking about it in any way. Being a boss at this level will be a new experience (at least as a librarian) and I need to take some time to learn the college and my department.

In knitterly news, I’m almost done with the second pair of socks. I started the toe of the last sock in the pair this weekend. If I hadn’t been almost numb with exhaustion most of the time I had knitting time this weekend, they’d likely be done. Since I need to pay some attention to rows and stitch count, it seemed best to just let it be. The red scarf is done and just needs to be blocked. I still haven’t started the snowman and am not sure if I will this week or not. Maybe during the coming weekend.

Heading to CapitalT in the morning for a meeting. It will be the last time I see some of my colleagues from elsewhere in the state until I return for the state library conference in the spring. And I’ll probably only come back for that if my program proposal is approved. And only for that because I’m co-presenting with a grad student from LittleU. Hopefully with no tenure requirements hanging over my head, I’ll be doing much less presenting and traveling. Although I do still have an idea for a book and a couple of possible presentation ideas floating around in my head. (Sometimes I wish I could shut parts of my brain off.)

We watched a really cute movie this weekend, Danny Deckchair. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh and generally feel good, I’d recommend this one.

For now, I’ll leave you with a random picture.



Found these little turkeys at the Hallmark shop in Kewanee. They were on sale and I couldn’t resist. Now if I just remember that I have them when Thanksgiving rolls around next year.


I worked on the scarf this weekend while watching movies with MIL. It’s getting longer! Another good night of knitting and I should be done with this project.

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