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Getting really excited about Sheep in the City at the end of the month.

I’m looking forward to the classes I’ll be taking.

I’m also looking forward to the vendors! Saving my pennies for new yarn. Yeah yeah. I don’t need new yarn…but…well…knitters understand.


I’ve been thinking a lot about food and weight this week. Trying to change your habits does that to a person.
I realized that part of my problem is not being able to imagine myself anything other than heavy. I’ve been overweight for so many years that the very idea of ever being slim is mind boggling. It’s just a fantasy for me. How can you imagine something that you don’t remember being?

It’s a mind-set that I’m going to have to work out of because it doesn’t lend well to success.

It’s been a fairly busy week around here. I was in Peoria for a grant workshop yesterday and will be there again tomorrow for a training on the Outreach module of our circulation system. In plain language, I’m learning about the part that will let us have books and other things at our building in town…and still keep track of where they are. Yay for college vehicles, so I’m not burning my own gas all the time.

I did get to SnB last night. Things were pretty low-key and I got a slipper almost finished. One of the women in the group recently was diagnosed with cancer. So some of us are working on projects to give her as part of a big gift basket. I’m making some slippers. I also picked up a couple of books that I hope will cheer her up.
Although I shouldn’t stay up late to read, I keep picking up good books…or at least interesting books. I finished reading The Host this week. This is by the same author who wrote The Twilight series, although this book is not a YA book. It was a fairly predictable story with few twists, but I still enjoyed it. If you’re not into sci-fi chick lit, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Why did it take them so long to make something like this? The Knit Kit is the perfect little thing to stick in my purse with all the doo-dads I might need for almost any knitting project. OMG! It will be available in March, just in time for my birthday, and should retail for around $19.95. I paid more than that for my TSA approved scissors. And this whole kit is TSA approved, so you can take it when you fly. How perfect is that?!

  • Although this really is a very basic, easy scarf pattern, it does have a few nice features to make it stand out from a completely boring stockinette scarf.
    (tags: knitting)
  • I'm not a big Martha Stewart fan, but she does have some cute tutorials on her website from time to time. Fingerless mittens are perfect for working, knitting, etc. And they're a quick and easy knit.
    (tags: knitting)
  • "Despite the internet's origins as an academic network, when it comes to finding a book, e-commerce rules. Put any book title into your favourite search engine, and the hits will be dominated by commercial sites run by retailers, publishers, even authors. But even with your postcode, you won't find the nearest library where you can borrow that book. (The exception is Google Books, and even that is limited.)"
  • Free pattern for a cute Kufi-style hat. Perfect if you just need something to cover the top of your head. I like the pictures of the ones made with variegated yarns.
    (tags: knitting)
  • "Stay connected with programming resources with Programming Librarian, an online resource center for all things related to presenting cultural programs for all types and sizes of libraries." Another great resource for librarians. I don't anticipate doing many programs at my current library, but I can translate some of the ideas into online and physical exhibits.
  • I don't watch the Oscars generally. Watching award shows is akin to stabbing myself in the eye with a knitting needle. However, I am always interested in the nominations and, ultimately, the winners. I'm not surprised the Benjamin Button got so many nominations although I'm not sure it should have. There are some other interesting items on the list.
    (tags: news movies)
  • The Brazen Careerist has another great post on how to improve those dreaded first impressions. Something fairly simple and almost painfully obvious. But how many people walk in a way that doesn't leave a good impression?
    (tags: advice)
  • I've hesitated to buy any sort of e-book reader knowing that the technology is advancing quickly. Looks like I might wait a bit longer until this new reader is released. Of course, the other part of why I haven't bought one is the expense. Wonder how much this will sell for?
  • This is another way to keep track of your spending. I think it might be time for me to try something like this. It would be interesting to really see where my cash goes each week, month, year…
    (tags: web)
  • "The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Digital Collection features books, pamphlets, invitations, reports, speeches, maps, articles and more. It includes items from the collection of the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)."
    (tags: library alaska)
  • Although I listened to as much of the speech as I could stand without gagging, I want to go back later and reread. I'm hoping that it won't sound as bad as it did the first time. I wasn't inspired as much as angered by some of the insinuations and thinly veiled criticisms that this speech contained. Personally, I've long been proud of this country and my fellow citizens because of the potential we contain and the daily good that I see. I don't need to be reminded to work to make this country strong. As a military spouse and an American citizen, I understood my duty long ago.
    (tags: news)
  • Another knitting project for me to add to the growing list of TBKs. I love the color on this sweater, but I also love the design. Of course, I'd have to actually take the time to measure my gauge so I wouldn't end up with too much ease. I don't so much love the gauge thing, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to get in the habit of doing. Wonder if I could knit this before winter ends.
    (tags: knitting)
  • I really like the construction of this vest. I still like wearing vests in those in-between seasons like spring and summer. Vests are also a great layering piece under a jacket. I originally found this pattern via Ravelry. Wondering if I have enough yarn from an abandoned project to make this. Frantically doing the math in my head.
    (tags: knitting)
  • From Poppytalk. I love labeling things. Must be the librarian in me. These labels are really attractive and great for keeping your life organized.
    (tags: freebie)
  • Switchplates are an easy way to personalize any space…even if you're renting and can't make permanent changes. Just don't lose the ones that come with your apartment. Here is an easy tutorial on how to decorate your own switchplates.
  • Free recipe cards to print and use. This would be nice to use for a wedding shower gift. Put together some cooking or baking supplies and use the cards for your favorite recipes. Personal and likely to be much appreciated.
    (tags: freebie)
  • I had no idea you could felt into polyster. And that you could use non-wool stuff to felt with if you're using polyester. Let my internal felting monster loose!
    (tags: crafts)
  • "Members of Quilters of South Carolina have created one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness. The exhibit consists of forty-nine original works of art which are unique, entertaining, humorous, and beautiful to make the public aware of breast cancer, to memorialize those lost to the disease, and to honor survivors."
    (tags: crafts art)
  • Cute chart for free. It's in French, but the DMC numbers are provided, so even those linguistically challenged people like me should be able to complete it. There are several other charts available as well.
    (tags: crafts freebie)

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