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No, I didn’t misspell.
Today, I’m restarting Weight Watchers. I did it for awhile in Alaska, but wasn’t motivated to go to meetings early on Saturday mornings. And I had orchestra practice that day as well, so… But we’ve got a group here at work now, so I don’t have to go anywhere special and it fits into my schedule. Since they’ll also do payroll deduction, I thought I’d give it a try again.
I’m also going to start making use of our small fitness center. Hopefully when it warms up, I’ll spend more time outdoors doing stuff. In the meantime, I’ve got my bag with the workout clothes sitting in my office. I hope to go a few times a week after work. Again, it’s not like I have to go anywhere special. Just adding another 45 minutes onto the time I already spend here.

Definitely not a typical day for me. I’m home sick. Seems that I’ve caught the creeping crud. I was feeling pretty nasty already last night – sore throat, achy, headache, exhausted, etc. – and woke up this morning with a congested cough and even less energy. I debated for a bit and decided that it would just be better to stay home and rest. I’ve got a dr. appointment tomorrow anyway, so if I’m still sickly, I can always chat with her about it.
If I was at work, my day would have involved this stuff:
1. Taking care of overdues
2. Pulling interlibrary loans
3. Working on the LRC brochure (we don’t really have anything cohesive currently)
4. Making up a new books poster
5. Starting work on a new display for mid-February
6. Beginning some work on National Library Week (in April)
7. A web training session on putting together a technology plan
(from our system and I can do it at a later date)
8. More ordering
9. Doing the online sexual harassment training required by the college
10. More work on the interesting reference question

A couple of the things I might do from home this afternoon if I perk up a bit. If not, there is nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow. For now, I’ll just be drinking lots of fluids and hanging out on the sofa reading and knitting. Just don’t have the energy for much else. The good thing about colds/flu is you do get better.


Well maybe it wasn’t buckets, but Marley and Me was such a sweet movie that I couldn’t help shed a few tears…especially towards the end. I also laughed a lot because some of it was so familiar. Like the part with the drywall eating. We had a dog who did that once!

I took my driver from last week out to lunch today at the furniture store here in Kewanee. No, it wasn’t a picnic. The store has a wonderful restaurant in its lower level. While we waited for a table, we wandered around the shop down there. I saw some cozy looking socks that I might have to go back for some time. I have a great love of wool socks. I’d have more if I ever finished the pair that’s still on my needles.

I took care of grocery shopping after lunch and the movie. It was strange being without a car last week and I feel like I’m finally getting myself reorganized. I’ve felt rather scattered most of this week since I knew the laundry was piling up, the fridge needed to be cleaned out, and my apartment hadn’t been properly cleaned for a couple of weeks.

Tonight I’ve been finishing up laundry and watching Miss America. The main reason I like the pageant is for the dresses the women wear. There is a small part of me that likes all the glitter and glitz.

The other big thing I’m doing is staying warm. It’s in the low single digits at the moment and isn’t supposed to be much warmer tomorrow. I think tomorrow may be a good day for reading and hot tea. I might finish up my hanging towels also. And I plan to make some meals ahead for the week. It’s nice to come home from work and not have to worry about making a complete meal from scratch. My Aerogarden has enough lettuce now so that I can start having some fresh salads. Yum!


I had this song running through my head today. The best way to get rid of an earworm is to share it with someone else. DH has already been subjected. But it’s so cute, I had to share with my LR’s. (loyal readers

It’s been a beautiful day here. The temperatures are quite pleasant and I ended up ditching my coat while we were running errands because the stores were warm. DH and I had a nice lunch at Chipolte this afternoon. I needed to go to Joann’s to pick up some buttons for the hanging towels I’ve been knitting. The Walmart in Kewanee has the tiniest craft section I’ve ever seen and there isn’t much of a selection of anything. Not complaining, it’s just how it is. DH found some cute dinosaur pop-up books in the $1.00 bin that we’ll send along to our nephew.

DH has our PC set up in BigUtown, so I’ll be uploading some of the pictures from this into my Flickr account. You can click on the sidebar to the right to see what I get up there. I’ll likely do a bit each time I’m visiting. Most of the pics will be things from Alaska that we’ve not a chance to transfer over to the laptop or onto CD’s. Here are a few of them:



Posted on: January 17, 2009

Last night (and into the morning) was a small adventure in waiting patiently.

Weather can play havoc with all methods of travel, including train travel.

My dad came over to Kewanee yesterday afternoon to drive me to the train station in Princeton. The train was due to arrive at 5:01 pm. How do they get this down to the minute? After about an hour of waiting, I decided to check the train status through Amtrak’s 800 number. The word there was the train was running late and would arrive at 8:18 pm.

The train got in the station near 10:30 pm. Things were already backed up a bit because of an previous derailment earlier in the week that had one track closed. Add that to switches freezing and you had a recipe for delays.

Fortunately the station was warm and had seats, I had packed some snacks and plenty of things to keep me occupied, and Dad was willing to go grab me a salad later when my hunger got to be too much. That food run seemed to be the catalyst to get the train there, because I’d just started eating when the word came that the train would be there in minutes.

The lounge and dining cars were still open when I got on. So I headed down to the snack bar on the lounge car to supplement my salad with a cheese and cracker tray. I sat, ate, and read for a bit then headed back to my seat.

Upsides: I finished reading Mary Poppins while we were hanging out at the station. I got to spend a bit more time with my dad. I still made it to KS and had a delicious omelet for breakfast. And I made it in safely.

Downsides: Trying to sleep in my seat. If I ever actually planned an overnight trip on Amtrak (which I’d like to do someday), I’ll definitely pay for the sleeper. I’m just not a good seat sleeper.

So, I’m in KS. I’ve been sleeping on and off most of the day, but it’s been with dogs and/or DH beside me, so it’s not wasted time.

I started reading Slaugherhouse Five while on the train and am about halfway through. Good book!

There are a couple of things I’m excited about and looking forward to.

The first is just a day (not even that) away. Tomorrow afternoon I travel to Kansas to see DH and the dogs. It’s been a couple of weeks since seeing DH, but the dogs I’ve not seen since moving to IL. Anticipating all the cuddles, snuggles, and dog breath kisses.

The second thing is six weeks away. There is a fiber weekend in Milwaukee at the end of February. I’ve already paid my registration and signed up for a class and a make-and-take. Make-and-takes are super short (20 min.) workshops where you quickly learn a technique, make something, and take it away. I signed up for one to learn how to pick up a loop below. I’ll show pictures after the weekend. The class I signed up for will teach me how to knit a top down sweater. While we’ll learn to knit a sweater for an American Girl, the sweater pattern is supposed to work for any size. Top-down sweaters are great because you can decide how long or short to make it while you knit. And with a basic shape, it can be personalized by using different stitches, color variations, yarns, etc. In addition to that, there will be a small marketplace with vendors, a pajama party, a place to knit on prayer shawls, music, and yarn. Did I mention there will be yarn? Yes, there will be yarn.

The last thing I’m jazzed about it the class I’m going to take this spring. No, it’s not for the second masters. I’m holding off on that, possibly until next fall or even spring 2010. There are going to be some changes next fall as we move the household up to IL and trying to study and complete projects while that is happening might make life more complicated than I can adequately deal with. I’m taking a photography class. The college waives tuition on classes for employees and their family members. So, I’m going to take advantage and try something I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know that I have much of an eye for this, but maybe I can learn some things and improve my picture-taking. And I’ll get to learn how to develop film. Yay!

Other than that, things are ticking along. It’s cold here, like most of the midwest and northeast. I’ve been hitching a ride with a co-worker this week and am looking forward to having wheels of my own again. Trying to think of something really nice to do for her. She’s saved me a load of money and trouble this week. I haven’t done much in the way of creative cooking this week and have just relied on the staples that I usually have around. I’m still knitting the hanging towels, although I’m looking for something new to work on. Just haven’t settled on anything yet. I’ve finished a couple of books this week and moving on to Slaughterhouse Five. It’s not on my list of 52 books, but I’ve always wanted to read it and I can change my list.

Also looking forward to seeing my dad tomorrow. He’s coming over to drive me to the train station. While we won’t be together long, it’ll be nice to see him again.

Don’t know if I’ll write much this weekend, but will update you when I get back.


Posted on: January 13, 2009

(picture from Google Images)

My brain has seized upon another idea for an easy project to keep me occupied this winter: making a terrarium. It’s a simple enough thing to make and depending on what your soil mixture is, you can use a variety of plants. It’s not something that has to be large. I’ve seen some pictures of small ones with just moss. Terrariums are also super-easy to care for, requiring watering only ever couple of weeks. I like the idea of creating a mini environment in a bowl or jar of some sort. It should be fairly simple to find something suitable to use for the container. I’m planning an Ikea trip sometime in the next few weeks and imagine they have something that would work beautifully. Maybe I’ll even find some succulents to plant in the terrarium. This is the type of thing that would also work really well as a gift, I’d think. It can always be personalized with tiny objects.



I’m really enjoying knitting these mitered hanging towels. So far I’ve completed two. The cotton yarn is absorbent and nice to knit with. I like my knitted cotton bathmat and am sure I’ll enjoy using this hanging towel. I have a bit of finishing yet to do, like weaving in ends and putting on buttons.

It’s been a relaxing weekend. I did my usual stuff, like laundry and cleaning. With the snow we got, it’s not likely I would have went much of anywhere even if I did have a car. I’ve also been reading some, napping, and playing on the computer.

This work week will be pretty quiet although we are getting ready for the semester to start next week. I do have to speak at the new adjunct faculty orientation so I’ll be spending some time tomorrow and Tuesday working on the presentation.

Although I don’t have a full estimate from the repair shop, it looks the cost will be well over $1000. We couldn’t even get that much in trade-in for it, so I think this car is due to be retired to the car graveyard. DH and I haven’t decided what we’re going to do next about a car for me. I might trake the train down next weekend and bring the Xterra back.


Boo. Hiss.

Posted on: January 7, 2009

More like ping. Hiss.

My car has decided to be dramatic and spew oil all over its insides. The inside of the engine compartment that is.

As I was driving home tonight, I noticed that I seemed to have quiet the stream of exhaust following me. I didn’t think it was quite that cold and no other cars seemed to have a large cloud behind them. I was hoping it wasn’t what I thought it might be.

At the stop light where I turn onto my street, I detected the strong stench of burning oil. Optimist that I am (*snort*) I hoped that it was from another car, although no one seemed to be burning oil.

After turning the corner, the smell seemed to be following me. Little did I know it was actually proceeding me. The oil light started to flicker and then came on and didn’t go off.

When I pulled into my parking spot in front of my apartment, I popped the hood and was astounded by the sight of oil…everywhere! DH suggested I make sure that the cap was on the oil thingie when I called him to ask for possible suggestions of what might be wrong. Wasn’t anything that simple to fix.

We’ve deduced that I might have blown a gasket of some sort. I called a local repair shop. They’ll be by in the morning to tow my car in and see what’s going on.

Finger crossed that it’s a simple, not-too-expensive fix. This also meant that I’ll be missing SnB tonight up in the Quad. No craziness, coffee, and knitting (at least with a group) for me tonight.

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