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Not that anyone has to buy me anything because I really have enough stuff, but if you are inspired…





A few ideas. If you want more, click on the Amazon wish list button on the left.


I have been knitting off and on. I brought the sock with me last Friday, but never actually pulled it out of my bag. Prime knitting time wasted, I know!

Anyway, I wanted something super simple and mindless to work on. The sock is basic, but I still have to deal with the five needles. So I started a scarf Monday night. That’s the longish red thing. It’s not Wavy although it kind of looks like it; it’s just mooshed up from being stuffed in a Ziploc. I’m using the Berlin Scarf pattern from Purl Bee. It’s knitting up into a really thick, lofty fabric that is going to be a pleasure to wear. Depending on who I get partnered with in the Facebook scarf exchange, I might use this pattern. Would be lovely with an alpaca wool.

The blue blob is the string bag that I’m still working on. It’s not a very exciting knit. I’m at the top of the bag now and only have a few rows to go. All that’s left is knitting the straps and the finishing.

The sock continues to progress. If I ever have an evening when I don’t have much to do I will probably get it finished. If…

And the snowman is a kit I got last year (?) and haven’t worked on yet. Finally wound the yarn this weekend. I’d really like to knit it up before Christmas, but things are going to get a bit crazy in the next few weeks.

That’s about it on the knitting front. I have the yarn


Sharing popcorn with Charley and Maddie. Ginger doesn’t care for plain snacks like that.


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November 2008


Mar. 10 - Photography Class

Mar. 11 - Quad Cities SnB

Mar. 12 - Lincoln Reenactor performance at BHE

Mar. 13 - Annual budget due

Mar. 14 - SnB trip to Galena

Mar. 16-21 - Spring Break

Mar. 16-18 - On the Front Lines library conference in Springfield

Mar. 19-22 - In Kansas

Mar. 23 - Orientation in Quad Cities

Mar. 24 - Photography Class

Mar. 26 - Spring Break for Academic Librarians workshop in Peoria

Mar. 27 - Supervisor Development in Quad Cities

Apr. 2 - Using Social Technologies in Library Instruction workshop

Apr. 6 - Weight Watchers

Apr. 6 - My birthday

Apr. 7 - Photography Class

Apr. 9-12 - In Kansas

Apr. 10 - College Closed

Apr. 12 - Easter

Apr. 13-19 - National Library Week

Apr. 13 - Weight Watchers

Apr. 14 - Photography Class

Apr. 16 - Evening Instruction Session

Apr. 17 - Information Literacy Summit

Apr. 18 - A Day of Books and Quilts at Toulon Public Library

Apr. 20 - Weight Watchers

Apr. 21 - Photography Class

Apr. 22 - Renegade Reference meeting in Bloomington

Apr. 23 - Illinois Library Day

Apr. 24 - Quarterly Supervisors Meeting

Apr. 27 - Weight Watchers

Apr. 28 - Photography Class

Apr. 29 - Supervisor Training in Quad Cities

May 5 - Photography Class

May 12 - National Library Legislative Day

May 25 - Memorial Day - College Closed

June 4 - RSA Users' Group meeting in Peoria

June 6 - SIL's birthday June 6 - Brother and SIL Anniversary

June 8 - Nancy Pearl at Bradley University

June 13 - WWKIP train trip to St. Louis

July 3 - Holiday - College Closed

July 4 - Independence Day

July 10 - Mom's Birthday

July 10-15 - ALA Annual Conference in Chicago

July 17-19 - Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair in Crystal Lake, IL

July 31 - 10th Anniversary

Sept. 7 - Labor Day, College closed

Oct. 6-9 - Illinois Library Association Annual Conference in Peoria

Nov. 23 - Brother's birthday

Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Day, College closed

Nov. 27 - College Closed

Dec. 7 - MIL's birthday

Dec. 18 - DH's birthday

Dec. 25 - Christmas Day

Dec. 26 - Dad's birthday

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