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Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I ran across this great arrangement of one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Although the Christmas displays have been out for awhile, I’m starting to see trees and lights going up on homes. Looking forward to taking some drives to enjoy the displays.

While I move and get settled I will not have internet access. My wireless modem should arrive by Monday and I hope to be back online by the beginning of the week.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine will be bittersweet.

And until I return, I’ve scheduled posts of Christmas music for your viewing and listening enjoyment.



Wherever you are today, I hope you are spending time with people who love you and appreciate you.

Personally, I have so much to be thankful for and plan to cultivate that spirit in my heart.

Starting tomorrow, I will share a Christmas song a day with you. These will be some of my favorite songs of the season. Hope you enjoy them!

My time at LittleU is over. This is the last blog post I’ll write from this location. I’m sort of sad, but I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.

Of course there are things I won’t miss at all. Since I’m leaving, I also choose not to dwell on those things. I’ve learned what I could from both the positive and the negative.

Now it’s time to try something new. To expand my horizons. To stretch myself.

Here’s to new adventures!


Tomorrow is my last day at LittleU. And I’m officially excited about starting the new job. The reality is slowly sinking in now that it’s in sight and things are moving along.

Still working on getting the last bit of my office packed up. And I didn’t make it to LittleUtown yesterday so I still have to stop by the apartment to pick up those few things.

My file drawers are all cleaned out though. I still have to go through the in/out trays on my desk and clean out the files on my computer.

It’s a relief. I’ve been seeing some things come through my feeds about various things that community college librarians are doing in Illinois. Exciting stuff! I’m looking forward to meeting these people.

Next week by this time, I’ll have been in my new position for almost two days. Yay!

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My dad was down this weekend to help pack up the apartment in LittleU. Everything is out except for a few things in the fridge, plants, violin, and another couple of things that I can’t picture at the moment. I’ll be meeting him on Friday afternoon in Kewanee for the grand unload into the new place.

People keep asking if I’m excited. Truly at the moment all I feel is tired. It’d been nice if I could have just stopped life for a few days while I readjusted. Seems like change wears me out more the older I get. That said, I know I will be excited once it’s closer. And I’ve already made pages of notes about stuff for when I do get to the new job.

That’s about all you’re going to hear about the new job until February. I’ve decided that for the first two months (at a minimum) I’ll be observing things and doing my best not to make any permanent impressions until I really get a chance to see how things are. Meaning I won’t be blogging about it or talking about it in any way. Being a boss at this level will be a new experience (at least as a librarian) and I need to take some time to learn the college and my department.

In knitterly news, I’m almost done with the second pair of socks. I started the toe of the last sock in the pair this weekend. If I hadn’t been almost numb with exhaustion most of the time I had knitting time this weekend, they’d likely be done. Since I need to pay some attention to rows and stitch count, it seemed best to just let it be. The red scarf is done and just needs to be blocked. I still haven’t started the snowman and am not sure if I will this week or not. Maybe during the coming weekend.

Heading to CapitalT in the morning for a meeting. It will be the last time I see some of my colleagues from elsewhere in the state until I return for the state library conference in the spring. And I’ll probably only come back for that if my program proposal is approved. And only for that because I’m co-presenting with a grad student from LittleU. Hopefully with no tenure requirements hanging over my head, I’ll be doing much less presenting and traveling. Although I do still have an idea for a book and a couple of possible presentation ideas floating around in my head. (Sometimes I wish I could shut parts of my brain off.)

We watched a really cute movie this weekend, Danny Deckchair. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh and generally feel good, I’d recommend this one.

For now, I’ll leave you with a random picture.


While life is kind of exciting around here at the moment, there isn’t much to really blog about. Or maybe I’m just being modest. Meh.

The office packing has begun. Tomorrow night I plan to work on packing up the apartment. The library is doing a food drive beginning next week, so I’ll bring in any non-perishables I don’t want to mess with transporting. It’s a “food for fines” thing and if we aren’t doing something like that (and do charge fines) at my next place, I think I’ll start it. Fines don’t really add much money to the budget anyway and it’s a goodwill thing for the students.

I spent an hour on the phone and internet yesterday getting all my utilities set up for the new place. Decided to get cable and am hoping that I won’t become addicted to TV again. I’m watching almost none anymore and am much more relaxed. Decided to go with wireless internet since the only extra expense was the router and once I have that it’s ours to keep. The only other thing I’ll probably get once I’m there is a subscription to the local paper. It feels good to have that stuff out of the way.

Joined a scarf exchange on Facebook. Waiting to hear from my partner about any allergies and preferences before heading out to buy yarn. Fortunately we have until mid-January to get the scarf knit, so I’ve got some time.

I was given a gift from the library today at our staff meeting. It’s a LittleU Christmas ornament. It will fit in with the general idea of our Christmas tree. DH gets me an ornament each year that is supposed to signify something significant about that year. My time here has been an important part of my life and it will be nice to hang that next year. There will be no tree this year since I won’t be there to put it up and I’m not moving all that stuff with me. I might get one of those little live trees in a pot so my apartment isn’t completely un-Christmasy. But that’s about all I’ll have room for.

In general, I don’t feel all that sad about leaving. I think it hasn’t completely sunk in yet and probably really won’t until next week when I’m walking out the door. Also, the one person who has had been my closest ally and friend here has also found another job. Things are definitely going to change around the LittleU library in the next several months. I wish them well.


Found these little turkeys at the Hallmark shop in Kewanee. They were on sale and I couldn’t resist. Now if I just remember that I have them when Thanksgiving rolls around next year.


I worked on the scarf this weekend while watching movies with MIL. It’s getting longer! Another good night of knitting and I should be done with this project.

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