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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Posted on: October 24, 2008

Maddie went to the vet yesterday and had her sarcoma removed. It’ll be a week before we know the status of her alien being. Hoping it’s not one of the maligned ones. But she was her usual charming self and had everyone at the center wrapped around her little paws. Poor girl was hurting a bit in the evening and was groany/moany more than usual. Which earned her extra treats and loads of love. By this morning she seemed to be a bit perkier and I got a face full of kisses.

Charley slept for a few hours in the bathtub last night. It’s his new hiding place where it’s storming or the artillery is really going at it. It was the artillery this time. Eventually he ended up on the bed with us.

And Ginger is being her usual happy self. She was snoring away on her bed in the living room and we were giggling away on the sofa listening to her. Ginger is really our mostly stable, not-too-needy dog. I think sometimes she ends up getting the middle child treatment, so I try to give her some alone time when I can where she gets some special scratches and rubs.

On a completely different subject, if you’ve been trying to call us, our phone service has been out due to storms this week. We’re not sure what’s going on or when it will return. Hopefully soon because it also means our internet and cable is gone too. No cable?! We might have to read or talk to each other. *laugh*


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