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Why do I always seem to be making constipated expressions in pictures?


Posted on: October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! I love celebrating the one day of the year when I can dress funny and no one cares. Today I’m the ghost of my former self. (Pictures later because I forgot to bring my camera with me this morning.) There are at least five of us here dressed for the day. We’ve got a tacky tourist, a fairy, Waldo, and a lipstick librarian.

The goodie bags for our student workers are a big hit. I love putting those together every year. I won’t have many student workers at my new job. So, all my new employees will benefit next year.

I’ve already done a round of candy distribution to children this morning. The preschool on campus brought the kids around to the library. I think we were close to the end of their candy collection rounds because they kids were drooping. And they were on their second bags of candy! We’ve got a generous bunch of people on this campus. It was so much fun to see all their cute costumes. We had ladybugs, football players, a robot, princesses, fairies, a monster, and a birthday present.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and Samhain.


Survey Says

Posted on: October 29, 2008

The other day I happened upon a survey about knitting and crocheting. Seems there is a college student interested in those of us engaged in these particular hobbies. My guess is she also indulges or is close to someone who does. It made me consider again why knitting is important to me; why it’s more than just a hobby.

Yes, I’ve written about this before, but hopefully my thoughts are either clearer or different enough to be of some small interest. This is really about finishing.

I get a deep sense of accomplishment when I finish a knitted object, whether it’s a toy or socks or a scarf or whatever. When I bind off that last stitch and weave in those ends, I look back on the happy hours I’ve spent with my needles and yarn. And I’m pleased to have created, from start to finish, something with my two hands.

When I first got back into knitting and was taking the refresher class and later, more advanced classes, my main accomplishment was getting to the class itself and enduring the the two hours of being public. I rediscovered knitting when my anxiety disorder and panic attacks were their peak. Some days getting out of bed was a hurdle. To get myself dressed, in the car for the hour drive to the shop where I took classes, and actually into the shop took so much energy. But I enjoyed the craft and I was determined to overcome my illness. This was one of my first achievements linked to knitting. In fact, I credit knitting with helping me get through the worst of this time and in helping me stay connected in some way with other people and the greater world.

Since then knitting has helped me achieve other goals, like selling my handcrafted items in a retail shop, participating in craft fairs, and even teaching beginning knitters. I only consider myself an early intermediate knitting and I like the feeling I get when I learn a new stitch pattern or try a new technique. If I had more time, I’d even like to try working me way up to being a master knitter. Someday.

In my worklife I rarely get to see the results of my efforts. Although I hope a students learned how to do better research and earned an A, they don’t usually return to say so. I don’t know what sticks when I teach an instruction session. I can’t see exactly what the person on the other end of the phone is doing when I explain something. While I find my work fulfilling, there isn’t a definable end product that I can look at with satisfaction like I can when I put on a pair of socks I knit myself.

So I knit.


Moving on

Posted on: October 29, 2008

Pending my background check, I am the new coordinator for the Learning Resource Center at the east campus of Blackhawk College. Yes, I’m going to be the boss woman. I’m excited about the prospect of moving back to Illinois.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m originally from IL. Almost 10 years ago, I left to get married and travel the world. The married thing has been wonderful. There hasn’t been too much traveling of the world. It feels right to finally be returning after a decade. It’ll be good to be closer to family.

And the job is fantastic opportunity for me. I’ll have the freedom to try new things and really spread my wings. Plus, no more tenure rat race. Although I am on track to get tenure and shouldn’t have had any problems meeting the requirements, it will be nice to feel that my research, presenting, service and etc. are coming from a pure desire (on my part) to be involved in the profession. They are already doing some great things in the area of instruction and I’m looking forward to building on this foundation.

I don’t have a start date yet. It will likely be in early December. There are a few projects I want to finish working on here before I go. It would also be nice to know that they’ll have to open position filled so that I’ll just be leaving one hole.

I’m still in a bit of shock. It’s amazing how things fall into place sometimes.

As of now, my job hunt (short as it was) is officially over. *happy dance*


I finished knitting the pumpkin last night around 10:15 pm. Now I need to felt it, which will have to wait until the weekend. At least pumpkins make good Thanksgiving decorations too. Think I’ll work on finishing the socks tonight.


Posted on: October 27, 2008

Went to the dentist this morning. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not that it was more fun than…well about anything. But it wasn’t as painful as some dental visits have been. I’m sporting three new fillings on the top and am scheduled to return in two weeks for a few more on the bottom. And I still won’t be done. Nope. I have a crown that fell off and the dentist is trying to determine what to do about that tooth. The hygienist wants me back in after all that’s over for a flouride treatment (hopefully it won’t be as disgusting as the ones we did in elementary school), and there are the wisdom teeth. DH is off today, so he tagged along. This guy is such a sport to go sit in the dentist office and read magazines while I endure whatever it is I’m enduring. I did end up getting wet, but it wasn’t drool. The assistant doused my neck with water when she was rinsing out my mouth. Fortunately I’m not Elphaba and I didn’t melt.

Numb lips are a good reason to eat soup. We stopped at the grocery store after I was done to pick up a can and some tapioca pudding. It made for a nice lunch. After lunch, we did some housecleaning which kept my mind off the fact that I felt like I had a lip the size of a hot-air balloon.

Tomorrow it’s back to work.


We went on the Ghost Tour on post tonight. It’s a pretty chilly evening outside, so the hot cocoa stop about halfway through was appreciated. DH was bored, but I found the tour interesting. A bit of history along with many ghost stories. The fort has been around since the 1850’s, so there have been many deaths. In the late 1800’s there was a cholera epidemic that killed many people. During WWI there was a Spanish Flu pandemic that took many more lives. Add that to the usual deaths that happen and you get a place ripe for spirits and hauntings. Some of the people that told stories as part of the tour spoke from personal experience. Believe if you will. I personally believe that there is more going on in our world than we can see or hear.

It was good to come home for a cup of hot tea at the end of the night. And to take care of the infirmary duties around here. If we want a bit more scare, I guess we can watch Rt. 666 on the SciFi channel. I enjoy Halloween and this time of year.

I go this picture of Ginger tonight after I got home and let the dogs out. She looks like she smell something good in the breeze. (DH was in BigUtown marching in the homecoming parade.)

Had some technical glitches during the presentation today, but it still seemed to be well received. More to the point, it’s over. Now it’s time to turn my attention to the one in two weeks.

Charley’s vet visit this morning went okay. Turns out he has an infection in his ears (which I suspected.) We’ve got some goopy drops to put in them for a week or so. That makes two dogs in this house needing special care. (Maddie has antibiotics and pain medication for her leg. And we have to change the bandages each day. She’s got 7 staples in her leg, poor little thing.) It’s a bit like a animal infirmary around here.

The internet, phone, and cable are back.

Before heading back home today I stopped and picked up a cross-stitch kit I saw a few weeks ago when we were in HugeUtown. It’s a turkey and includes a pillow that the cross-stitch fabric gets inserted into. (That sentence was awful! But it’s late and I’m tired.) I started working on it tonight. Of course, I still have my knitting projects to finish. It’s that startitis setting in again!

No set-in-stone plans for the weekend. Tomorrow is homecoming at LittleU, but I’m not sure that we’ll go down for the game. We’ll just play it be ear. I can handle that.

Maddie went to the vet yesterday and had her sarcoma removed. It’ll be a week before we know the status of her alien being. Hoping it’s not one of the maligned ones. But she was her usual charming self and had everyone at the center wrapped around her little paws. Poor girl was hurting a bit in the evening and was groany/moany more than usual. Which earned her extra treats and loads of love. By this morning she seemed to be a bit perkier and I got a face full of kisses.

Charley slept for a few hours in the bathtub last night. It’s his new hiding place where it’s storming or the artillery is really going at it. It was the artillery this time. Eventually he ended up on the bed with us.

And Ginger is being her usual happy self. She was snoring away on her bed in the living room and we were giggling away on the sofa listening to her. Ginger is really our mostly stable, not-too-needy dog. I think sometimes she ends up getting the middle child treatment, so I try to give her some alone time when I can where she gets some special scratches and rubs.

On a completely different subject, if you’ve been trying to call us, our phone service has been out due to storms this week. We’re not sure what’s going on or when it will return. Hopefully soon because it also means our internet and cable is gone too. No cable?! We might have to read or talk to each other. *laugh*


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