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Days in my week

Posted on: July 8, 2008

This is a great idea from another librarian to talk about a “day in the life”. But I have to agree with her that just describing one day doesn’t really provide a good representation. So, I’ll do a week for you starting with yesterday.

Monday was not typical around here (although we have had four candidates interview) since the day was basically taken up with an interview. When someone interviews for a faculty position, the department meets with him/her, there is a lunch, and then a presentation that most of us attend. So I didn’t really spend much time doing any real work yesterday.

Today (Tuesday), I was in around 9 am. For the summer, I’ve set my Tuesday office hours for 9-11 and usually you’ll find me at my desk reading email and taking care of basic things that need to be addressed right away. Then I have a desk shift from 11-1. After getting off desk, I usually eat lunch at my desk while reading more email (or blogging as the case is right now.) Then I spend the afternoon working on stuff like weeding, gift collection processing, or other projects. Today I’m doing some more work on planning for SWARM International, a future Pecha Kucha night, suggestions for some changes to our Comp I info lit classes, and whatever else I can fit in before heading out sometime between 5 or 6. Tuesday nights I also have Kiwanis meetings which I joined partly to meet some of my service requirement for tenure.

More tomorrow.

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I can’t wait to read more. Dont’ forget to add your info to the wiki http://librarydayinthelife.pbwiki.com/

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Mar. 10 - Photography Class

Mar. 11 - Quad Cities SnB

Mar. 12 - Lincoln Reenactor performance at BHE

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Mar. 16-18 - On the Front Lines library conference in Springfield

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Apr. 13 - Weight Watchers

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